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Geograhic Location

The Dominican Republic is the second-largest island of the Greater Antilles, after Cuba, lying on the eastern part of the Hispaniola (from the Spanish Espaņola) island in the Caribbean Sea. It belongs to the Central America and the Caribbean region. It shares the territory with Haiti which can be found in the western side. The Dominican Republic occupies two thirds of the total area. The whole country measures an area of 48,730 km˛, of which 48,380 km ˛ is land and 350 km ˛ is water.

The Dominican Republic is bounded on the north by the Atlantic Ocean along 586 km, on the south by the Caribbean Sea for a distance of 545 km, on the west with Haiti 276 km of border and on the east by the Mona Channel, separating it from Puerto Rico. It occupies 74% of the Hispaniola territory which is shared with its neighboring country Haiti.

Official Language:



The Dominican Republic has a humid tropical climate and little temperature variation among seasons, however, it undergoes a remarkable change in rainfall among seasons, being the summer the highest rainfall season. There are normally two rainy seasons: from April to June and from September to November. Generally, the period from December to March is the least rainy period.

National Flower:

The flower of the mahogany was declared National Flower on 16 July 1957 by Decree 2944, issued by the government of Hector Bienvenido Trujillo Molina. These flowers are small and inconspicuous green. The tree of this flower is indigenous, and one of the most appreciated in the country for the quality of its wood.

National Bird:

The national bird of the Dominican Republic is the Cigua Palmera. The Palmera Cigua Habitat builds its nest in the branches of the royal palms, the nest of palm cigua is quite extensive in proportion to plant palm and the size of this bird, it builds a base of twigs, so deduce a bird is very laborious.


A whole range of cultures has left its mark on the Dominican society. The kitchen and the Taino still practiced medicine, and number of Taino words (like a hammock) punctuates our language. The Spanish settlers bequeathed to the country its language, culture and Catholicism. The Africans arrived as slaves brought their own faith, which at present is closely linked to the dominant European religion and its music and art. Until the U.S. military has bequeathed to cultural values: Dominicans love baseball, like their music and art.

Costumes recommended:

The light clothing preferably cotton or linen and sneakers, while taking into account a light sweater for the mountainous areas, restaurants and buses.

Access routes:

There are ports and international airports in major cities and tourist resorts.


The hotels offer international telephone and mail, there are offices that offer international telephone services throughout the country, and the GSM phones have rooming service. The Internet access services can be found in hotels and post offices. The booking can be done with cellular companies Oarange, Claro, Viva. Mobile phones can be purchased at the offices of these companies or use their own, provided it is compatible with these standards.


110V, 60 Hz, American type plug (2 flat blades). European appliances will require a transformer and a plug adaptor. Small electric devices like shaving machines or hairdryers will probably need only the plug adaptor, as many of them can run on 110 or 220V just turning a little switch. Laptops actually include the transformer so you only need the plug adaptor (available at any electricity shop)


The health care system in the Dominican Republic is composed of the public sub sector and the private sub sector.

Payment methods:

In all the tourist facilities and entities of services prices are set in Dominican Pesos, however it may be the exchange of any convertible currency to Dominican Pesos (RD). Allowed any Visa or Master Card.


The main lines with regular flights to / from Dominican Republic are: Dominican Aeronaves, Air Century, Caribbean, Dominican LAN, Pan Am World Airways Dominicana, Servicios Aereos Professionals, Sol Dominican Airlines, Viva Air Dominican, Cubana de Aviacion, Copa Air, Air France, Mexicana Airlines, Iberia.

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